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“I support Jamila James because she is committed to each and every child. Her vision of a holistic approach to educating children is exciting. Jamila’s positivity, wisdom, and focus will be an asset to the board.”

- Xan Morgan, AAPS Parent, Former School Board Candidate, and Member of Ann Arbor Parents Intent on Racial Equity


“I endorse Jamila because she has shown me through the years how committed she is to her children and any children in her space. She is intelligent, quick to listen, and resourceful and quick on her feet. She will be an incredible addition to the board.”

- Harmony Mitchell, Former AAPS School Board President


"You are a firm believer in education as evidenced by your hard work going back to school as a single parent to achieve your dreams for yourself and your family. You are always eager to learn. You care deeply about people, fairness, and equality. The hallmark of a good school board member regardless of other skills or character trait is a believe that ALL children can learn and deserve the opportunity to learn. I know you believe that. Godspeed!!!"

- Larry Lee Rowley, Former U-M Professor and Admin


I have known Jamila for over 18 years. We first met when we were both attending the University of Michigan's Children's Centers' executive board meetings. Jamila is passionate about education and will bring that to the Ann Arbor School Board. I also know that she works very well in committee settings and will bring a great breadth of personal experience as a learner herself and parent of children who have gone through AAPS.

- Richard Hughes


"This is a great opportunity for you to advocate for students and the community. You are open, honest, and bring positive energy wherever you are. You're always willing to help, and seek understanding, learning, teaching opportunities. Continue the dialogue and passion about differences and experiences. This could also be an opportunity, keep growing and learning."

- Angela Moore Jensen, Community Member


"I have known Jamila for about 15 years. I have always been impressed with her willingness to ask questions (many that others are afraid to ask) and ability to push for what's right, even if it isn't what has always been done or what keeps people comfortable. She believes deeply in true educational equity, equal access regardless of both background and whether one is "in the know", and the inherent dignity of all people. Jamila is from a low income background, raised three kids as a single parent, worked nights to put herself through nursing school. She and her family are who we are talking about when we talk about equity, but who rarely get a seat at the table. She deserves one, and our kids will benefit from it."

- Naomi Zikmund-Fisher, AAPS Mom and Former AAPS Principal


"I think you would be great in this position. You have a passion for fairness and justice and truth. You've also conquered struggles in your own life."

- Martha Guyton, U-M Nurse


"I endorse Jamila because she thinks about children first. She brings the perspective of those often unheard. She will look at policy through the lens of social justice while knowing which actions will bring real change. This is the fresh voice that the AAPS needs to help it move forward in ways that will be equitable for all students."

- Tracey Metry, AAPS Mother and Teacher


"Jamila James is one of the hardest working individuals I have met. She is honest, a listener, and a strong believer in transformation through education."

- Bonnie Billups, Jr.


"Many people exclaim the virtues of education, but Jamila has lived it. It’s not conceptual for her: she knows intimately the power of education and the importance of learning. Jamila has the passion and advocacy skills to advance equity in our school district and a fresh perspective we so desperately need."

- Katie Scott, Washtenaw County Commissioner, District 9


"Jamila has the qualities we need on our school board.  She is focused on improving educational opportunities for our students.  She recognizes the aspirations of students follow different paths and that our schools need to be excellent in all pathways.  She is an effective advocate for equity and justice and will work to make our schools the best choice for students whatever their economic and racial-ethnic backgrounds.  Finally, she works well with others.  Her political and personal skills will lead to constructive changes without the turmoil engulfing some boards.  I endorse Jamila for the school board without reservation."

- Glenn Nelson, AAPS School Board Trustee


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