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This is Where the Real Work Happens

People always ask me what my brand is. If I'm being honest, the concept of a person being a brand reeks of the capitalist ideology of turning oneself into a product for consumption in order to grow even more wealth...and that's just not me. Urban dictionary (my go-to website to check what's hip these days) even defines a Brand as "What multinational corporations use to try and get consumers to buy essentially the same product as the other corporations have but for more money." I hate it.

I am not a corporation. I am not backed by tens of thousands of dollars. I'm not here to increase my wealth or status. I am a straightforward advocate, nurse, single mother, and human being the change I've always desired and fought for in our world.

In an ideal world, the question would be, "what do you stand for?" and this is the space of the website where I show that. This is the space you can go to see what I've actively been up to in the community- on the front lines, fighting for what I believe in. It may not always be long or eloquent or perfect but it will always be the truth and it will always be representative of who you're voting for.

Here is a video speaking on some of this in our kickoff party back in May. I look forward to this journey with you <3

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